Choosing a place to go for an holiday means discovering also the territory. Our house becomes starts point for some activity. We suggest exscursions to Marrana Tower or the lighthouse in Capo Vaticano. There is a nice cruise to Eolie Islands. Tropea is really amazing. You can visit the Sanctuary of Santa Maria, the Cathedral, the historic center with his irresistible temptations of local markets. In Pizzo you can taste the Tartufo, a real good ice cream, then you can visit Piedigrotta and get lost in the small city. You can explore also Vibo Valentia and his castle. Don’t miss caves of Sbariati in Zungri and the Certosa in Serra San Bruno.


Close to our beach there is the Tirrenian Diving Center. They can lead you to explore amazing seabed. Every diving is always outstanding and they are professionist. There is also the possibility to rent a boat or to join them tours. To have a unforgettable experience dive into the sea. The sea richness is awesome and it is source of life: omnnis vita ex mare.


Unique and rich of fauna and flora seabeds are the protagonists of our coast. The characteristic morphology of Capo Vaticano is a good place for who loves snorkeling. The most important thing about this part of coast is the huge diversity of fishes. Remember you to respect the sea and the nature and dive safe. Don’t touch and don’t bring anything with you, just memories and emotions.


The sea and the wind in Calabria allow to practice many sports which can get the vacation funnier. Windsurf is the sport most common along the all coast. Kitesurf is a really exciting even it’s hard. Everywhere it possible to practice sea-sports: parasailing, flyboard and others. Fun is sure! 


In Calabria you can find the sea and the mountains in few miles of distance. For excursion lovers this place offers really amazing trekkings . Sila and Aspromonte are best destinations for who loves nature. Every trekking guarantees discover of a rich territory full of wild vegetation . Look around you and just breathe. If you want a perfect trekking ask for a real guide of Aspromonte.


It’s tradition that who comes to Calabria goes back home with a little bit more of weight. But this is quiet normal because Calabria has a very good culinary culture and most of his products are really famous in over the world like bergamot, onion, liquorice and ‘nduja, a spicy salami. So, be curious, taste and you never regret.