La Meridiana Restaurant

A cuisine which tastes of sea and speaks Calabrese

In 1980 Michele dreamt about a restaurant. Derived from the restoration of the old family farm. The location is surrounded by olive trees, all around there are Fichi d’India plants, colours, flowers.  At the end if you look out over the horizon you find the sea and the Aeolian Islands. The best place where you can enjoy the the beautiful summer sunsets.


Our restaurant is made by our land, wild, botanical, growen up from the sea passion and love. Our story tells about a place where getting lost and discover yourself. We heard about farmers stories and hard fishermens work. We left our heart around the world and started a little visionary revolution, such a delicate  caress of the Calabria’s women.


A peacefully and quite place surrounded by the nature, where grasshoppers sing all night long and fireflies still exist. We love our land and we want you to soak up in its beauty. We just offer the best regional wines, local craft beers and soft drinks made with Calabrian citrus fruits.



We are always looking for dinamic and passionate people to join in our team. You can send us your Curriculum Vitae with presentation letter to: